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SEO Links Infographic

Moz created a post explaining how search engines value links, using 20 simple infographics. We certainly hope this one helps!

Barry Schwartz gives us the lowdown on Overstock’s dramatic increase in SEO performance on Search Engine Land. As well as implementing new UX strategies, the overhaul saw a complete refresh of old content, reworking articles which were up to 25 years old.

Content Creators can enjoy a new way of increasing revenue on Facebook. Content creators can now choose where ads are placed in Facebook videos. Instead of ads which appear in the middle of videos, they can also now only show pre-content ads and image ads.

Google Reviews are increasingly the source we trust for peer opinions. As Google plus disappeared, it seems the Search Engine’s way of encouraging social engagement is with ‘likes’ of these reviews. Miriam Ellis explores whether it’s something we need to be worrying about.

Podcast Statistics

In The Power of Sound Over Video to Engage on The Drum, Moz Dee passionately argues that ‘sound is a powerful thing.’ And it seems they’re right. Previously, we thought radio was dead, but it turns out we were dead wrong. There are now 500,000 active podcasts on the Apple platform.*

Is brands’ involvement in Gay Pride just jumping on the bandwagon or is it a good thing? It’s important to bring the message of Gay Pride to people across the country, but it can’t just be something brands jump on as part of a half-hearted attempt at brand purpose. You can read more here.

Light Relief

Eve Sleep Best Advertising Content

Eve Mattress wins our Content of the Week award, with their incredible content we just wish we’d written! The stand out ad is – The Unrest is History.

Great Content

Create your own pairing wheel and find your perfect Fever-Tree drink with their new Pairing Wheel. Perfect Pairing with Fever-Tree.