Brands can often find themselves stung by influencer marketing campaigns and finding they have spent a lot of money and haven’t received much in return. However, if you go about it the right way influencer marketing can help your brand reach a new and bigger audience.

For start ups marketing can seem like an inevitably costly expense. And with some influencers charging over £100,000 to work with brands this may seem out of your reach. But influencer marketing can be cost effective; you just need to know where to look.

Influencer marketing can keep marketing costs low

Instead of using one influencer with 1 million plus followers on Instagram why not choose to work with 10-20 micro influencers with 20,000 – 50,000 followers each? This not only reduces your costs but can also help you reach a far more targeted audience who believe in the authenticity of the brand partnerships of the influencers they follow.


Often smaller influencers will partner with brands in exchange for free products and a minimal fee because they really do believe in what you’re selling. They also offer the chance for brands to develop a long term relationship not only with the influencer but also their followers.

Create images and content

Influencers spend their time creating images and content for their own websites and social media and will be a fantastic asset to your brand if they create some for your partnership. If you want to go further a user generated content campaign can also help you create content for your social media without having to spend much time or money on it. Brands can simply exchange a prize, free products or a small sum of money in exchange for user generated photos and exposure to millions of people.

Improves your SEO

Once the content and links from your influencer campaign have been uploaded to their websites the SEO value this will give your brand will be there forever. These are not only organically created links, they will also be from a domain that search engines are likely to trust.

Top tips for using influencer marketing to help your brand

Know your KPIs

To know whether a particular campaign has been successful it’s important you know your KPIs, measure them effectively and constantly revisit them. We suggest keeping it to 2-5 KPIs and ensuring your whole team is on board. The best way to find your influencer marketing campaign’s KPIs is to look at your brand’s overall strategy and measure how the campaign is contributing to these.

Only collaborate with influencers when they’re compatible

Your customers and influencer’s followers will be able to tell when a partnership is forced, leaving your hard work and money to go to waste. So it’s important to ensure there is a good fit. Plus, bloggers aren’t going to want to collaborate with brands who send them a boilerplate email asking them to work together. Everything needs to be personalised, and everyone involved needs to see the benefit of you working together.

Do you have any tips or experiences when it comes to how influencer marketing can help your brand? We’d love to hear them below!