The problem:

A client in the finance/private office industry, Fulcrum, has the same name as many other clients in the same sector but don’t want to spend time or money on their SEO. After looking for the right partner to solve their problem they chose Proof Content.

Goals and objective: 

Increase traffic to the website without having to increase the content on the website or increase external marketing activity.

Set Fulcrum apart from other companies in similar sectors with the same name.

We spent hours in meetings discussing the best ways to increase SEO without increasing costs. We discussed Fulcrum’s USPs, ways we could work around using words to differentiate them from their competitors, even whether they would agree to changing their name.

And then we found it.

The solution:

Match the exclusive, luxury feel of the brand to their website and create the ultimate in exclusivity with a password protected website.

We solved the SEO problem, kept costs minimal and added a sense of intrigue around the brand and the company. We gave Fulcrum’s business cards an edge over their competitors as well as giving the company an excellent excuse to get in touch with new clients after networking events.

Want to visit the Fulcrum website?

The link is here – – but you’ll have to guess the password!