Looking to hear yet another opinion on whether Bitcoin is the currency of the future or just another bubble? Luckily for you we’re not here to offer our opinion among the millions of others. Instead, we’ve put together a list of the best articles to read about Bitcoin.

Best places to find an overview of Bitcoin

Of course the first place to look for an informative article on Bitcoin would be the official Bitcoin website itself. The website gives you a quick and simple overview of the way Bitcoin works for you as a user.

A further introduction to Bitcoin can be found on the Technology.org website. Here you can find an overview of not only Bitcoin but other crypto currencies. The article helps you understand the alternatives, as well as giving more in depth information on the way Bitcoin actually works, for example transfer times.

Money Saving Expert was created to give everyday consumers a broader and better understanding of finance. This article is a simple account of one person’s investment in Bitcoin and the ins and outs of investing in it. Anker refers to his investment in Bitcoin as ‘no different from a spread bet on the number of corners in the FA Cup final or the number of falls in the Grand National’ helping everyday consumers understand the importance of investing only what you can afford to lose.

If you do decide to invest in Bitcoin not only do we suggest that you thoroughly research what you’re getting into, we also suggest you read this article by Kiplinger, which is totally against the crypto currency.

Bitcoin is often compared to the Tulip bubble. Why?

The Tulip bubble refers to the extortionately high prices of popular tulip bulbs in Holland in the 1600s when they often cost more than houses and as much as six times an average annual salary. This bubble then, unsurprisingly, burst, leaving many bankrupt and devoid of savings.

If you want to learn more about the tulip bubble we recommend Investopedia or the BBC’s website.

Invested in crypto currency and have a story to share? Or think we’ve missed an article? Let us know in the comments.