What we do

At Proof Content we produce exceptional, optimised content at a fraction of the cost of traditional copywriting agencies.
We are a pioneering content marketing agency who work in a unique way, building bespoke teams for you and your business. Proof Content uses a mixture of freelance content writers, experienced editors and an in-house team to keep costs low and delivery speeds high. We work closely with our clients to produce deliverable results, focusing on sales, conversions and brand loyalty.


How we do it

We hand-pick a team of freelance writers and expert editors to suit your writing style, industry and content needs.

Proof Content uses a network of over 100 carefully selected freelance writers with specialist experience in a range of different fields. Our experienced editors then use their wealth of knowledge in digital marketing to ensure the content is fully optimised for search engines. One in every ten pages is checked by our top editors to confirm it matches our exacting standards, and yours.


How this helps you

Our network of writers and editors offers a deep understanding of SEO coupled with experience in your field. Whether that’s finance or travel, retail or food and everything in between. We develop shareable, unique content for a range of brands, helping to get their message across. So whether you’re looking for a content strategy and 5,000 product pages, the most shareable blog posts or a website translated from English to Chinese get in touch with Proof Content


Need some Proof?

Want to find out how we’ve helped some amazing brands get their message across, improve their SEO strategy and increased site visibility by up to 3000%? Take a look at the blogvisit our clients page or get in touch to learn more about Proof Content.