Unless you avoid social media like the plague you may have heard of the introduction of Instagram stories to their app. So is Snapchat dead?

Instagram stories vs Snapchat

It’s all about your interpretation, but Snapchat’s user base hasn’t decreased. In fact, according to the business insider’s growth chart above, it’s still growing. But it’s hard to see where the company will go from here.

Why stories?

Instagram started as social media’s answer for beautiful, edited images. But behold – the rise of the everyday. People are embracing ‘ugly social’ and unedited images. Brands, celebrities and consumers alike are showing people their behind the scenes life. And people are loving it.

The real side of social media

Gone are the celebrity gods of yesterday, with a huge rise in bloggers showing ‘the real them’. Jade Tuncdoruk is a social media personality from Sydney, Australia. She’s beautiful, curvy and has a weight loss story to fascinate us all. But she grew sick of girls looking at her social media and wondering why they couldn’t be like her. She even admitted she sometimes looked at her images and wondered why she couldn’t be like her. Jade’s ‘alternative’ Instagram account, @therealjadetunchy, shows behind the scenes footage and just how long it takes to get the perfect shot.

Snapchat, and now Instagram stories, are also among the first and most successful products to be created specifically for mobile devices. They highlight our short attention span and brings the skill of the short form to light.

Why should I use Instagram stories for my brand?

The introduction of Instagram’s new algorithm  means your carefully crafted posts won’t always be shown in users’ newsfeed. Instagram has put stories at the top of the app, with most users now checking stories before they check their newsfeed. Use Instagram stories to get in front of your audience easily and before anyone else does.

So how can I use Instagram stories for my brand?

The most important point to remember is that Instagram stories bring raw, behind the scenes moments to life. You shouldn’t spend time on your Instagram stories, but remember a few key things:

  • Videos must be short
  • The less edited the better – this adds authenticity to your brand
  • The drop off rate is very high for Instagram stories so the first video must be the most captivating

Should I be worried about Facebook stories?

The short answer is no. Nobody is using Facebook stories for now; even the 13 year olds who act as our social media barometers. But that’s not to say they won’t gain some traction when Facebook launches its separate news feed for brands sometime in 2018. So check back for updates!